We take pride in our innovative offerings that can contribute and simplify the process of domestic food waste reduction. Our offering is segregated in two main categories that complement one another to reduce food waste and help households become more sustainable food consumers:

  • Themed products 

  • Assistance products

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Themed Products

Our themed products are intended to raise awareness and sensitization, with the ultimate goal of inducing behavioral change. They are themed around the species, ecosystems, places, and structures that are at risk from food-related climate change. They include:

  • Themed tags (stickers)

  • Aprons

  • Shopping bags

  • Mugs

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Assistance Products

Our assistance products are designed to help households along their culinary journey, from planning to execution and monitoring the edibility of foods. They help households in making appropriate choices, such as shopping for necessities and monitoring the edibility of cooked and uncooked foods. They include:

  • +Green App (Coming soon)

  • Themed tags (Stickers)

Note: The themed tags serve a dual purpose. They aid in sensitization as well as tracking the edibility of meals in conjunction with the +Green app. 

Why you should consider our products

Regarding the consequences of food waste, you can achieve the following benefits with our solutions:

  1. Reduce your household's food waste.

  2. Reduce the amount of money lost due to food waste.

  3. Cut grocery costs (up to 2000 USD / year for a household of 4).

  4. Improve home hygiene to reduce the presence of pests and associated illnesses.

  5. Help preserve a local, national, international, or organizational symbol.

  6. Contribute to local and international efforts to address food waste (as determined by governments and other international bodies).

  7. Help minimize human-wild conflicts.