We offer a variety of products to help raise awareness about the consequences of food waste, which you can buy from in the store


Themed tags (stickers)

We provide two types of tags (stickers), which differ primarily in how they are intended to be used/applied:

  • Species tags

  • Ecosystems, Places, and Structure tags

Species tag

Our species primarily represents those species at risk from food waste-induced climate change. 

Key features

  1. Can be applied to food containers (primary) as well as other apparel (secondary), such as phones, laptops, and so on. 

  2. Easily adheres to plastic, glass, metal, and wooden surfaces. 

  3. When applied to food containers, it is possible to use in pairs. 

  4. Dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer safe. 

  5. Removable without residue

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Ecosystems, places & Structure tags

This collection of tags represents the ecosystems, places, and structures that are at risk from food waste-induced climate change. 

Key features

  1. Applied to locations within the household where food is stored, such as fridge doors, freezer doors, pantry doors, kitchen shelves and cabinets. 

  2. Removable without residue

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Themed Apparels

We provide a variety of themed apparel to help you and those around you stay aware of the consequences of food waste. They are designed around some of the items we use on a daily basis and they include : 

Themed aparells

Image Gallery

Please see the images below for different perspectives on the look and feel of our themed products.