+Green (pronounced "plus green") is a start-up with roots in Finland. 

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Purpose and Goal

Our purpose is clear - to provide practical tools and resources that empower people to reduce food waste in their homes. We believe that small changes can have a significant impact, and our goal is to make eco-friendly practices accessible and convenient for everyone. By offering user-friendly products and services, we aim to inspire individuals to make conscious choices and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


Our slogan reflects our vision, "Path & Partner to Sustainability." We aim to become the leading partner for households in their food sustainability journey.  

Target Customers

On a general level, households are our top priority. Although our solutions are accessible to everyone, we pay a special attention to diaspora households in the EU and the United States. 

Strategic Pillars

+Green's strategy for sustainability is based on three major pillars: awareness, prevention, and assistance. 

  • Awareness: The awareness pillar aims to spread the word about the less visible consequences of food waste. 

  • Prevention: The prevention pillar aims to reduce the likelihood of food waste occurring in the first place. 

  • Assistance: The assistance pillar is about assisting people with routine tasks that are likely to generate food waste. 

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Why domestic food waste?

When reviewing major food waste data, it became clear that household food waste is the single largest contributor to the food waste phenomenon. Some estimate that domestic food alone outweighs other areas where food waste is generated, such as retail or food services. 

This observation may surprise many people, as some may believe that food service providers generate the most waste. This is especially true when they only consider the waste that they or their household produces. However, when a cumulative factor is used to represent entire neighborhoods, cities, and other forms of common dueling, it becomes clear why domestic food waste is the elephant in the room. 

Based on this observation, +Green decided to pay special attention to domestic food, because reducing it will significantly contribute to reducing the phenomenon.